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Mount Tyrwhitt from Tyrwhitt Basin # 4391

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Date: Sept 13-2003
Vantage Point: From Tyrwhitt Basin

Caption: The steep northeast aspect of Tyrwhitt.

PhotoDescr: Mount Tyrwhitt is an enjoyable moderate scramble which affords excellent views of the Misty Range and Elk Valley. If you are up the Highwood Pass way try this one out. The Rock Arch that you pass along the scramble is clearly visible at the middle left along the flatter area just below the summit ridge, and Grizzly col is just out of the picture to the left.

The basin below Tyrwhitt is an excellent place to find fossils. In fact, the day Amy and I were up there with our son Brydon we found several excellent pieces of rock with Tube Corals in them and also some horn corals.

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