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The Satsalla Monolith # 4390

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Date: September 2003
Vantage Point: From air

Caption: The east buttress of the "Satsalla Monolith"

PhotoDescr: At the south edge of the Silverthrone Glacier complex of the Ha-Iltzuk Icefield, a steep icefall known as Satsalla drops into a very narrow U -shaped valley. At the snout of the Satsalla Glacier, a 4km long lake has formed from glacial melt in the last 20 years or so. This lake is surrounded by 800 to 1200m high rock cliffs. Much of the vertical terrain is bushy or broken but one buttress on the west side makes a particularly strong showing with this 900m+ rock face sweeping up to a freestanding summit dome.

Long continuous crack systems make this a most appealing feature. Bring lots of expendable gear for a rappel descent back down the route, or crampons, big boots and ice tools to descend the steep glaciated backside if attempting to walk off. Or get heli-pickup from the summit if you have the wherewithal. It's the flattest place around.

Getting there is likely to be expensive. By the time you factor in the rack and so on you are basically looking at air support, and its a long and expensive flight from either Campbell River or Bluff Lake.

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