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Peak 5900, Atlatzi Headwaters, From South # 4385

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Date: September 2003
Vantage Point: From unnamed tributary valley to south

Caption: South slopes of peak 5900.

PhotoDescr: This is one of the better photos I managed to coax out of my digital camera during a heli flight. Mostly it did not like the glare of morning sunlight on plexiglass of helicopter canopy.

This unnamed 5900' peak in the headwaters of the Atlatzi River is typical of the area. It rises 4500' from the valley floor, but much of that is vertical forest, not appealing in the sense of big wall routes. The upper summit pyramid has a nice SE buttress you can't really see in this photo (hidden behind the foreground bump).

Mostly this picture is included not as a peak shot but to illustrate the wild nature of these upper valleys where there is not enough timber to economically log due to swathes of avalanche timber and rockfall. Amidst scattered stands of old growth hemlock and balsam, with some yellow cedars, these granite walled valleys rise, steaming with morning fog and dripping with waterfalls, much as they did 8 or 9,000 years ago. A helicopter gives one a nice perspective, neither up following a ridge, or down stuck in a tangle of slide alder, but with a birds' eye view of the valley.

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