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Mount Edith - Southwest Aspect # 4372

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Date: 2003.09.07
Vantage Point: From Trans-Canada Hwy

Caption: Mount Edith South Peak (Center), Center Peak to the left, then the summit of the North Peak sticking out to the left of Center.

PhotoDescr: Mount Edith is comprised of three peaks with the South Peak being the most impressive from this direction. The scrambling route up the South Peak starts at the col, then gains the SW face halfway up the left skyline. From there is generally goes to the middle of the face and more or less follows the easiest line to the summit. The scramble route up the center peak follows the obvious gully that trends right from below the summit. The technical climbing routes up Edith are on the other side (East) of the moutain and are generally on good quality rock. See Drew Brayshaw's photo East Faces of Edith S. and Center Peaks for excellent views of the east aspect of Edith.

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