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Beach at Jones (Wahleach) Lake, Summer 1962 # 4301

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Date: Summer 1962
Vantage Point: From near the old cabins on the west side of the lake

Caption: View of Cheam Range Peaks from beach at Jones Lake

PhotoDescr: Not much to report here other than what I've recounted in the A Tale of Jones Lake in Winter photo essay, but this is a nice view of what's visible of the Cheam Range from this vantage point so I thought I'd share it with you. I haven't been up there in ages so I can't identify the peaks here; that must be Lady Peak at left-centre, as it's lower to the peak to the left of it so I don't think it could be Cheam - or is it? (corrections welcome as always) If it's Lady, then the peak to the left would be Knight. I always thought that Cheam was visible from the beach by the cabins but I must be wrong; unless this is farther north towards the dam maybe. For all I know, I've got the image reversed and this is from the east side of the lake somewhere but I don't recall there being that amount of beach on that side of the lake....and the steep hillside at the southeastern corner of the lake isn't showing.

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