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Mount Diablo and Banshee Peak from Chariot Peak # 4179

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Date: 2003.08
Vantage Point: From Summit of Chariot Peak

Caption: The imposing northwest sides of Mount Diablo (l) and Banshee Peak. Devils Spire peeking through above.

PhotoDescr: Diablo looked like bad rock (a bit of that orange, decomposing stuff), but Banshee looked quite solid, if very difficult. There are numerous small roofs on these faces, visible through binoculars, which would make an attempt quite involved (probable aid). Stan was keen on that great gut of a couloir coming off Banshee, thinking that it might form a spectacular ice climb in a spring melt/freeze cycle. I nodded with acquiescent disbelief as he is a much better ice climber than I. In any case, accessing these faces would be a long trip from anywhere, I'd say more than one day from Gwillim Lakes.

Taken during a five-day trip to the Devils Range of the Valhallas.

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