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Rogers Creek Staring Man # 4163

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Date: 2003.07
Vantage Point: From Rogers Creek North FSR

Caption: Looking for the big face up Rogers Creek; or, what happens when you stare at contours too long!

PhotoDescr: One of the cooler human-made things I've seen in the backcountry!

Seeing art in what you perceive to be an environment composed solely of the duality of wilderness and industry completely threw my spatial orderings out of whack and reminded me of the place of culture in the wilderness and that the spaces I was exploring were not "new", but just new to me. Rooted in Western stereotypes, I never expect to see artistic expression in such a non-commercial space and while I am probably attaching way too much symbolism to what could very well have been a logger's afternoon fun, I was humbled when I thought of the history of Native peoples who have been active in this area and reflected on a subjective view of the idea of exploration.

We had to wait until the next morning to see if anyone was going to show up to let us into the Rogers creek FSR, so Steve and I went for a poke around the bluffs visible at the mouth of the creek, only to discover another road system -- unlocked -- running up the north side of the creek. A good ways up the road (which should be noted is brutally rough in its first few kms and is of little access interest), we came across this whimsical wood sculpture staring off into the nothingness to the south. I have no idea who put it there and will not offer any bogus interpretation(!), but I would suspect it was carved by either a logger or a resident of nearby Skookumchuck.

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