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Snow Pillow Peak - NE face # 4159

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Date: 2003.07
Vantage Point: From valley to NE

Caption: The large and impressive NE face of the 7300' summit between Rogers and Gowans Creeks. About 3000' from valley bottom to summit.

PhotoDescr: This peak has always intrigued due to its stature on the map and its lack of documented activity. It has apparently only been climbed the once, by John Clarke, who took an unknown route up this face (brief mention in 1992 CAJ). Not visible in the photo is the glaciated summit plateau.

During the few days Steve Harng and I allocated to check out some black book stuff, we ended up driving by Rogers Creek and, knowing it was locked, decided to see if anyone would let us in if we pretended we were on some sort of important mountaineering mission. We soon realized that due to the heat wave logging had shut down, BUT, two wonderful girls in the employment of Interfor let us in with the risky clause that we had to be out in a few hours. So we drove up Rogers Creek with the knowledge that if the face looked good we would then have to drive back to Squamish to plead our cases to Interfor to try to get a key.

Well, the face was pretty damn bushy (I sort of knew it would be) and the rock looked pretty bad through binoculars (and the bugs were REALLY bad), so we went elsewhere. However, given the glaciated summit area, this face might be an excellent breeding ground for long ice climbs that might form in the plentiful gullies on this face and up the couloir around the corner on the true north face.

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