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Mount Patterson and Peyto Lake from Cirque Peak # 4158

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Date: 2003.08.02
Vantage Point: From west summit, Cirque Peak

Caption: Peyto Lake, across Bow Summit from Bow Lake, nestles at the foot of Mount Patterson.

PhotoDescr: Mount Patterson is named after John Duncan Patterson, third president of the Alpine Club of Canada. Peyto Lake is named after Bill Peyto, a well-known guide, packer, and park warden. The peak just visible in the distance to the right of the summit of Patterson is probably Mount Forbes, one of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies at 3612 m, and named for Edward Forbes, one of James Hector's instructors at the University of Edinburgh. On the skyline at the right edge of the photo is Howse Peak, named after Joseph Howse, an explorer and fur trader for the Company of Gentlemen and Adventurers Trading into Hudson's Bay, later known as the Hudson's Bay Company, and still in business, but now just called the Bay. On the left skyline are the distant peaks at the head of the Freshfield Glacier.

The Icefields Parkway crossing Bow Summit can be seen in the lower left, with a small section of the Bow Summit viewpoint road showing above it. The view of Peyto Lake from the viewpoint is one of the classic postcard/calendar shots of the Canadian Rockies, and has formed the backdrop for probably millions of "I was there" snapshots, rivaling Lake Louise.

I led a group of eight hikers from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club up the Helen Lake Trail from the Icefields Parkway to the south ridge of Cirque Peak, and six of us continued up the ridge to the summit of Cirque, as the first of a series of three dayhikes based out of the Lake Louise Hostel.

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