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High on Incisor Edge # 4127

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Date: 2003.07.28
Vantage Point: From top of 5th pitch

Caption: Steve Harng following the fifth pitch of Incisor Edge.

PhotoDescr: This was maybe the best pitch of the climb, up steep cracks and flakes on the final steep bit of the ridge. Many of our pitches ended at notches with sickening exposure down into the great gut that separates the central and west summits.

We were thinking we might be able to make a quick descent down the couloir between the peaks and not have to go for the epic trek around the whole peak, but as we were approaching the ridge we saw some weird stuff flying through the air maybe fifty feet above our heads. Cool bird, I thought. And then the desk-sized piece of rock came down to crash in the boulderfield and then promptly jumped up again in hundred foot strides down the slope. The sound of the rockfall (caused by morning sun melting snow) had been channeled straight out of the steep walls of the gully, so we didn't hear it until after maybe the third bounce of the rocks and after the rocks had already passed over our heads. Kinda scary, actually. We decided to walk off down the south side of the peak, but didn't hear any more rock fall during the day. Anyway, that gully is like vertical dirt and would make a poor descent.

The Incisor Edge is a climb on the north ridge of the west summit of The Incisors, an informal name for the 7500 foot summit between the forks of West Noel Creek.

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