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Nahatlatch lake # 4053

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: july 19,2003
Vantage Point: From Squamkum creek campsite

Caption: The western half of Nahatlatch lake

PhotoDescr: I took this picture on a camping trip up to Nathatlatch lake provincial park. The wind usually pics up by the afternoon on this lake but in the morning the lake is like glass. In the center background is Mt. Mason, with Mt. Widdess off to the right.

After taking this picture, I loaded my son into the canoe and we headed out up to head of the lake. As we approached the river mouth we were greeted to a bald eagle giving us a fly-by before landing on a tree to observe us. Next we heard a "snuffling" sound beside us and were surprised to see a river otter. Very cool.

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