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Garibaldi Massif from the south, with Atwell Peak prominent # 4028

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 1986.07.01
Vantage Point: From near the Gargoyles

Caption: Gary Delang lacing up on the way to Garibaldi's East Face

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken at daybreak in July 1986. The day began perfectly but deteriorated into off-and-on whiteout as we crossed below the southeast face of Atwell and headed up the east face of Garibaldi. My memories of the climb 17 years later are of football-sized rockfall on the final peak scramble, of setting off a mushy snow avalanche into the bergshrund on the descent, of the horrific view down the rotten funnels of Atwell's Cheekeye face, and of Gary getting so sick that the 11km trek down from the Elfin Shelter turned into an 8-hour ordeal by starlight. More of a sense of menace than of elation at finally climbing the mountain that first hooked me into this crazy obsession . . . . I still like the compositional balance of this photo, though!

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