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Avalanche path beneath the Gargoyles # 3938

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Date: 2003.04.03
Vantage Point: From the ski trail leading to Ring Creek underneath the Gargoyles

Caption: Avalanche danger beneath the Gargoyles on the approach (or return) of the Garibaldi Neve. Weather: hmmm, not so good.

PhotoDescr: The section of trail underneath the Gargoyles on the approach to the Neve is the principle location on the route where you will encounter avalanche danger.

There appear to be three main slide paths: The one shown above is the central path, which is relatively small vertically but relatively wide. The above view is foreshortened so it is a bit bigger than it looks, about 50m or so in height (class 1.5) and had slid right across the trail. The debris was probably about a day old when I crossed it. The other two are confined to gullies that run either side of the path shown, the right (northerly) one being visible on the far right of the photo. These gullies channel material down from the steeper slopes higher up the slope, so you may be at risk crossing these even when conditions low down are not likely to produce avalanches.

Your best strategy is to space yourselves out, crossing one at a time if conditions are bad or there are only two of you in the group. Go as fast as possible and do not stop beneath the avalanche paths. Make sure you carry a beacon, shovel and probe and know how to use them. Beacons should have been switched on at the start of the day.

The rest of the route is unlikely to cause concern if visibility is good and you stick to the standard route. If you make a navigational error and head too far west on the ascent or the descent then you could find yourself on steep, avalanche-prone slopes. See trip Garibaldi Neve in a Day (Solo Trip) for more details. You also need to beware of the avalanche risk if you decide to climb Mt Garibaldi.

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