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North Face of Grainger # 3910

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Date: 2003.06.12
Vantage Point: From Trio Creek FSR

Caption: The broad and complex north side of Grainger from Trio Creek.

PhotoDescr: This side of the mountain seems nothing like the "mountaincragging" south face with its perfect crack systems. The north side of Grainger is a mass of summits, gullies and ribs leading up from the vegetated Trio Creek Valley. The true summit is the snow pyramid at right in the photo.

The best time for an attempt from this side would likely be spring when the kilometres of slide alder in Trio Creek would be barren and the raging torrent of Trio Creek would be low. Getting across this creek would likely be a significant obstacle -- visible from treeline on the north side of the valley is a large waterfall directly below Grainger dropping about 200 feet .

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