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Robie-Reid & Howay # 3819

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Date: 2002
Vantage Point: From above Chehalis Lake (approx.)

Caption: Westward Panorama of Robie Reid and Judge Howay at Sunset "Minas Tirith & Minas Morgul" rising from the haze

PhotoDescr: There's something so Tolkien-ish about this image that the references to the twin cities of Gondor in the Lord of the Rings seemed required. This is a crop of a twilight shot on one of Kat's and Randall's return legs, and seems to be above the area of Chehalis Lake; the left-hand of the two hill-summits in front of Robie Reid is Mount St. Benedict, I think; it's a familiar shape to me from another direction, as it's visible from below Ruskin Dam (where I lived for many years). I'll field a guess that that's either Meslillooet or Mamquam in the background between Robie Reid and Judge Howay, and would that be the Misty Icefield off to the right? The hazy valley between the neighbouring massifs is, of course, Tingle Creek, and the higher of the two knobby peaks at Judge Howay's left is Mt. Kranrod.

The icefields didn't show in the original image, but showed up distinctly once I enhanced the image's contrast and colours and sharpened it. It's a compelling view and I suspect I'll be playing with it quite a bit to try and get the effect and the outlines just right.

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