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Northern Camelsfoot Range Panorama (Labelled) # 3777

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Date: 2002.11.11
Vantage Point: From above Leckie Creek area

Caption: Panorama of Northern Camelsfoot & Shulaps Ranges. The big peak at right is Big Dog, Quartz Mt is also mislabeled, see Photo Comment below from above Leckie Creek; Eldorado Range in foreground

PhotoDescr: This is an excerpt of one of the excellent series of Photos by Kat on Randall's Flying Photos Page, with the peaks of the Northern Camelsfoot Range labelled as best I could manage or determine. China Head has two arrows because it is a ridge rather than a peak; the vertical arrow points out its highest summit, which is towards the western end of the ridge; the diagonal arrow points to its eastward extension, which is mesa-like. Nine Mile Ridge is not visible but is behind Big Sheep Mountain, the last main northward summit of the Shulaps other than the "bump" that is Quartz Mountain (I may have Quartz Mtn wrong and this conical summit would then be unnamed, and Quartz Mtn is the low ridge off to its left). Poison Mountain and French Bar Mountain (French Mtn) overlap in perspective here but I've labelled them as best I can.

Eldorado Mountain is not the highest of the Eldorado Range, which is in the foreground. The higher conical or pyramidal (?) peak in with the darker copper-colouring at left foreground is 2484m (8150'); the lighter-coloured one behind and to its right is Eldorado Mountain. If the 2484m has a name please let me know and I'll amend this. Long ago there was a fire lookout atop Eldorado Mountain, in the days before satellite monitoring and other more modern fire-detection systems, but I don't know if it's still there from this picture - in ruins or not.

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