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Sampson East Face # 3472

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Date: 2003.02.09
Vantage Point: From Face-Faceless col

Caption: The complex and large east face of Sampson

PhotoDescr: Fairley notes two climbs on this face. Wyborn/Wyborn (1975) apparently takes the buttress right of the Y-couloir dropping from the summit, gaining the northeast ridge 100m below the summit. The de Visser/Oloman/Thompson/Wood route of the same year gains the northeast ridge from east face buttresses "about halfway up the ridge." Tough to tell which feature this buttress would be as the entire face is clearly a maze of such features and the NE ridge curves out of view at right. One wonders why the snow lines were avoided as the rock doesn't look that spectacular.

The initial purpose of this trip was to reach Sampson from North Creek roads but the Lillooet mainline was gated, diverting our efforts to Railroad Pass.

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