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Chilliwack Valley (West) from Cheam Peak # 3379

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Date: 2002.07.21
Vantage Point: Summit of Cheam Pk

Caption: A family picnic from the summit of Cheam Pk.

PhotoDescr: A family stops for lunch at the summit of Cheam Pk, with a rare clear summer's day looking west over the Chilliwack Valley. Cultus Lake, a popular summertime playground, can be seen in the upper left corner of the photograph. The communities of Sardis and Chilliwack, below in the valley, are separated by the Trans-Canada Highway which runs south of the mighty Fraser River.

The view was so clear on this day that, with a pair of binoculars, we were able to easily see the bright white teflon roof of BC Place Stadium on the edge of downtown Vancouver, over 100km away! Although captured on film, the low resolution of a computer screen renders the roof indistinguishable on the horizon.

This view of the valley is increasingly rare for two reasons: industrial and automotive pollution blown inland from Vancouver combines with agricultural pollution to create a white haze that often obscures everything in the hot summer valley. Second, development pressures are moving people further east into the valley. In 10 years, the green patches of agriculture will probably be replaced by asphalt and housing. It will be interesting to compare this photo in another decade to see how the valley has changed.

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