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Scarab Lake, Egypt Lake, and Scarab Peak # 330

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Date: 2000.08.18
Vantage Point: From Healy Pass

Caption: Scarab Lake, near the BC-Alberta border, huddles against the walls of Scarab Peak while Egypt Lake nestles among the trees below.

PhotoDescr: A carpet of alpine flowers leads down from Healy Pass to the Pharoah Creek valley. Across the valley are Sugarloaf Mountain on the left, the unofficially named Scarab Peak (sometimes confused with the officially named Haiduk Peak - see Rick Collier's trip report) in the centre, and the Pharoah Peaks on the right. Whistling Pass and the Whistling Valley trail are between Scarab and the Pharoahs. The distant peak beyond Whistling Pass may be Isabelle Peak. Equally tentatively, the peak behind Scarab's right ridge may be Haiduk. Redearth pass is up the Pharoah Creek valley to the left. Scarab Lake is the upper of the two lakes, with Egypt Lake below. These mountains are part of the Ball Range, which forms the continental divide, the Alberta-British Columbia border, and the boundary separating Banff National Park (on this side) from Kootenay National Park beyond. This view was the climactic point of a dayhike from Sunshine Meadows along the divide to Healy Pass. I hadn't been in this area since my first backpacking experience, up Redearth Creek and over Whistling Pass on a five-day trip with two equally inexperienced friends, after we all graduated from high school in 1965.

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