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Flute Summit, East Slopes and Spearhead Range # 327

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Date: 2001.02.18
Vantage Point: East of Flute Summit

Caption: Looking down the eastern slopes of Flute Summit, into the Oboe Creek drainage, the north side of Oboe, and up to the peaks of the Spearhead Range in the background.In the centre background can be seen the peaks of the eastern Spearhead Range. The rock peak to the north (left) is Tremor Mountain; at the head of the Curtain and Platform Glaciers is Quiver Peak; the pyramidal peak to the right is Mt. Macbeth. The ridgeline to the immediate north of Macbeth is "The Ripsaw."

PhotoDescr: Often, even in years when there is less snow than normal, it is possible to find high quality snow in this area of the Fitzsimmons Range. Quickly accessed from the Whistler Mountain lift systems, this area is steadily showing signs of heavier use. While ten years ago one might see a party or two passing this area in a day, it is now quite normal to see a dozen or more parties in a day. Still, there are a wide variety of slopes, on a wide variety of aspects, and there still seems to be plenty of acreage to keep most powderhounds happy. On this day, we were skiing snow that had been around for a week. Just the same, by picking our lines, we were able to ski untracked fluff for the entire day. Of course, there is the added bonus that, when one is in need of a rest while climbing, there is lots to rest one's eyes on as well.

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