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Baker and Twin Sisters from 20,000' # 3212

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Date: 2003.01.05
Vantage Point: From window of a 737 descending to YVR

Caption: The Twin Sister Range at bottom (North and South Twin leftmost of the peaks) with Baker -- the Black Buttes in front -- and Shuksan behind from the window of a 737 coming into Vancouver.

PhotoDescr: After a blissful ten days of sport climbing in the Colorado desert at Shelf Road (with seven dollar litre-bottles of vodka and tarantulas hiding in limestone pockets for your amusement), the topping on the cake was being welcomed home by wave after wave of familiar friends dressed in new whiteness received for Christmas. I estimate this was about twenty thousand feet, but I could be way off.

The strangest peaks are prominent from the air: Urquhart towers above the Fraser-Harrison divide, the Chehalis comes into its own as massive bodies, and strangely, the Chilliwack group is rather difficult to distinguish, blending into the Northern Pickets. The Silvertip group though is the anchor of the northern Skagits.

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