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Peaks Around Head Of Rutledge Glacier In Winter # 3132

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: unknown
Vantage Point: From aircraft over Mehatl Creek

Caption: Aerial view of the head of Mehatl Creek in winter. Taken by the BC Forest Service (photographer unknown). The view is looking roughly NW at the SE faces of Tiara and Mehatl.

PhotoDescr: The archives of the BC Forest Service contain some nice photos if you know where to look.This photo is probably at least 10 years old and was likely flown during establishment of the Mehatl Park boundary.

  What appears to be a double summited tower, just left of centre, is actually Tiara Tower (summit on right) with Mehatl Peak behind it (summit on left). Look at the nail-like gendarme sticking up from the lower right hand buttress of Tiara. Hell, look at the buttress on Tiara! The rock in this area is supposedly good granite, or so I have read in old BC Mountaineers and such publications.

  The large white peak at right is Kwoiek Peak. The snow on its right side is actually the uppermost ice of the Kwoiek Glacier.

  The Rutledge Glacier is behind Mehatl and Tiara (out of sight). This glacier is the source (one of the sources) of the Stein River.

  The valley at bottom of the photo is North Mehatl Creek. The pass right of Tiara is the pass between Mehatl and Stein drainages and the boundary between Mehatl Prov. Park and Stein-Nlaka'pamux Prov. Park.

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