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Mount Robertson, Mount Sir Douglas, and the Robertson Glacier # 2998

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Date: 2002.07.07
Vantage Point: From Burstall Pass Trail

Caption: Mount Robertson on the left and Mount Sir Douglas on the right shade the Robertson Glacier to their north.

PhotoDescr: On a day hike up to Burstall Pass with my hiking buddy Kate, we had a fine selection of mountain weather: sunshine, rain, graupel, overcast, and snow, each several times. When we reached the braided alluvial flats from the Robertson Glacier drainage, we were having one of the overcast episodes.

This valley is the approach route to the east ridge and southeast face routes on Sir Douglas, which go up the Robertson Glacier to the col; the Haig Glacier is on the far side, so the col is known as the Haig-Robertson Col. Don't be misled by telephoto compression: the col is more than 6 km in a straight line from where the photo was taken.

For a sunnier view from a different angle, see Kevin Altheim's photo Mount Sir Douglas and the Robertson Glacier. For a sunnier view the same day from the other side of Whistling Ridge (on the right of the photo) see Whistling Ridge from the West.

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