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Mountains Around the Upper Paradise Valley # 294

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Date: 2000.08.15
Vantage Point: From West ridge of Mount Temple, above Sentinel Pass

Caption: Upper Paradise Valley and the Horseshoe Glacier are ringed by peaks of the continental divide. If I'm reading my map correctly, the mountains above the head of Paradise Valley are, from left to right, Hungabee Mountain, Ringrose Peak, Glacier Peak, and the south ridge of Mount Lefroy. The lake is unnamed. The glacier is Horseshoe Glacier.

PhotoDescr: Deciding to take up scrambling in my advanced years (probably a response to a mid-life crisis), I assembled a group of six like-minded strangers at the Lake Louise Hostel, and we headed for Mount Temple via Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass. At about 3000 metres, I realized that I wasn't sure how hard it would be to descend the pebble-strewn narrow ledges I had just come up, and when the oldest member of our ad hoc group said he didn't want to go any higher, I decided to accompany him down. I later concluded that I could easily have made it the rest of the way; descending was easy enough, and the summit party said we had passed the crux, such as it was. On the descent, I took this photo.

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