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Kinuseo Falls, BC (1977) # 283

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Date: 1977.07.15
Vantage Point: From East Bank of Murray River

Caption: At Kinuseo Falls in the northern Canadian Rockies, the Murray River plunges 60 metres. Taller than Niagara, Kinuseo Falls sends spray billowing skyward. Full-size logs look like matchsticks at its foot.

PhotoDescr: Photographic conditions were less than optimal on a damp grey morning, but that was the least of our worries. The weather had been good the day before when my wife and I set out from Beaverlodge, Alberta, in our Toyota truck and camper. We followed the Elmworth road up the Redwillow River as it gradually became rougher and hillier, crossing into British Columbia and approaching the divide. It was dusk when we reached the campground by the falls, and then it started to rain. It poured all night, so we took a quick look at the falls and headed back. The rain had softened the road, and slickened the surface. I had to speed down the hills to get the underpowered truck up the other side, always aware that the camper made it top-heavy. Finally we came to a hill that I couldn't get enough traction to get over. We had to walk through the rain and mud a few miles to a coal surveying camp, and beg a tow from a full-size 4 by 4. It was a quite a rough ride at the end of the steel tow-cable; when we finally got back to harder, flatter ground, we found that the bouncing had torn the door off the refrigerator and spilled the contents on the camper floor. The thick coating of mud on the outside of the truck was a minor concern, and we were grateful we didn't have to wait at the bottom of the gully until the road dried out. Since this photograph was taken, Monkman Provincial Park has been established, and the road to the park leads past the falls.

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