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Tantalus: View from the Northwest # 2784

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Date: 1998.06.16
Vantage Point: From the base of Phantom Falls, Clowhom River valley

Caption: A view of Tantalus and Dione that shows the North ridge route as seen from the northwest.

PhotoDescr: Our party approached the Tantalus massif from the west side using a combination of water taxi and a truck ride offered by a friendly logging crew(thanks Mike and Randy). From the Clowhom mainline, a spur road climbs to a lake at 950 m elevation, 3.5km SW of Tantalus. From the end of the road we bushwacked to timberline and traversed to a lake below Dione glacier where we set up camp. Unfortunately the weather did not co-operate that weekend, so no attempt was made to go any higher than 2,000 metres. Tantalus has a long, high ridge that runs east-west, joining the north ridge route - this ridge is seen on the right hand side of the above photo. This approach also looks interesting - I'm not sure if anyone has climbed either Tantalus or Dione using the Clowhom Valley as access. If anyone knows otherwise, I would be happy to find out. Please let me know via email if you do.

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