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Illecillewaet Neve - Glacial Pond # 2760

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Vantage Point: From just beyond Perley rock

Caption: A small glacial lake along the edge of the Illecillewaet neve. A friend of mine remembers when in the not so distant past this lake occupied a depression in the ice. This picture is about ten years old, at that time the ice made a small wall along one side of the lake. I haven't been there since then, but I wouldn't be surprised if the ice has receeded completely away from the lake. Unfortunately this type of glacial recession only seems to be accelerating, much to the disappointment of those of us who enjoy alpine ice routes.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a day hike to Perley rock and then a short jaunt out onto the ice. Perley rock is named for H A Perley, the first manager of the Glacier House hotel. Glacier House once occupied the area behind the present Illecillewaet campground, and was built by the CPR as one of its famed mountain hotels. Incidently this is the usual place to access the Illecillewaet neve in order to travel to Glacier circle.

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