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Capilano Mountain # 2704

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 1997.05.??
Vantage Point: From the ridge to the west

Caption: Eric Rieder sauntering over to Capilano Mountain (rightmost dome)

PhotoDescr: Capilano Mountain is a nice bike/hike from Furry Creek roads which leave from Hwy 99. On a previous attempt in the winter, three of us ran into silly deep snow and turned around in the dwindling daylight before reaching Beth Lake. Sick of waiting in the cold night for a ride at the Furry Creek Golf Club, I snuck into the sauna and was enjoying a nice bit of relaxation when I noticed that the staff had closed up and turned off the lights with me inside. Running out as they locked the doors, the guy was extremely apologetic but soon realized with a "hey!" that I was a little too scruffy for a well-heeled golfer. Having been dragged along on a round at the course by my brother, I felt it was my way of taking long-term benefits from the exorbitant green fees.

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