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Approaching Fee # 2693

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Date: 1997.05
Vantage Point: From divide to the north

Caption: Approaching the north tower of Fee. The "best left alone" blade of the south summit is the leftmost, with the northern summit to its right.

PhotoDescr: Despite its reputation as a tottering piece of lava, the north tower of Fee is actually a fun little scramble. At the top, one can peer over the vertical east side and get some good vertigo. Fairley suggests class 3-4, but it's really only a shuffle up steep volcanic dirt and rock; you just have to get used to ascending one step for every three expended! That recommendation aside, volcanic peaks never seem to me to be the place to take a club trip; two-thirds of the group invariable ends up sitting in a moat waiting for the first rope team to summit, twiddling their thumbs, watching the rocks go whizzing past.

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