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Sedgwick Sunset # 2659

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Date: 1996.09
Vantage Point: From south ridge of Sedgwick

Caption: Jason Peters approaching the south ridge of Mount Sedgwick. On left skyline are Mamquam Mountain, the Pinecone-Burke area, and the Sky Pilot area. Left foreground are Mount Murchison (r) with unnamed ridge west of Mount Lapworth (l).

PhotoDescr: It was on this trip with my older brother some years ago, to whom I had promised a summit camp replete with beer after an easy day's hike, that I learned first-hand the famous understatement of Mr. B. Fairley. The summit of Sedgwick is reported in his guide to be six hours from Woodfibre. This would include 6815' of gain and at least 16 kms of travel. I remember it being a little longer than six hours. Foolishly trying to keep up with his time guidelines, I rushed on ahead of my brother up slick fall neve, leaving him wondering how to use this axe contraption I had thrust in his hand. I do believe that was the last time he went hiking with me.

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