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Camp Schurman, Mount Rainier # 2658

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Date: 2002.07.01
Vantage Point: From Camp Schurman

Caption: The start of the endless march up the Emmons Glacier route on Rainier. A little bit of foreshortening going on here.

PhotoDescr: I didn't get much sleep the night before going up Rainier, having to listen to a loud and heated debate at one AM between two keeners on the various merits of the figure-eight knot compared to those of the butterfly. Most people seemed to start for the summit between two and five AM, so don't count on getting too much sleep because the endless shuffling of gear doesn't augur very well in the middle of the night. We left at nine AM after falling back to sleep about five. The only reason I can figure out for departing early is to avoid the sometimes horrendous winds, or if you are really slow.

On this trip Eric Hughes swiped what he thought was a three person tent from his dad's collection. Yes, it turned out to be a two person tent for three people.

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