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Climbing Toward Denali's West Buttress # 2631

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Date: 1996.05.15
Vantage Point: From bottom of ice slope above Basin Camp

Caption: The bottom of the ice slope that leads to McKinley's West Buttress under windy conditions. The climber with the orange jacket is Scott Akin, part of our group. On the right is a team of Korean climbers. This slope is a bit higher but similar to the 45-degree Kain Face route on Mount Robson.

PhotoDescr: This picture taken was during our move up the 5200-m high camp. The wind actually died down not long after this picture was taken. A few hours later I frostbit my fingers while setting up our tent. This is the standard route up Denali and usually very busy. Because of numerous slips and falls, fixed lines have been set up on this portion of the route.

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