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Sunset Over the Trench # 2623

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Date: 1999.05
Vantage Point: From the Trench

Caption: Skiing up out of the Trench after a long day attempting the east face of Mount Columbia, its upper regions poking out above the icefield.

PhotoDescr: Skiing with a rope on is always such bliss. Here our rope team had this great system whereby Brian Wood would yell in wonderful army-esque commands "turn now!" and we would all shuffle ninety degrees.

Taken during a cold and stormy May trip to the Columbia Icefield. We spent five days in the tent and on our last full day the skies opened and we ran at Columbia. We made it to about 100-200 feet from the summit where we were shut down by strong winds. I remember having to always be pointed leeward as the wind would make a nice parachute out of your hood and try to carry you off if you faced into it. It reached -23*C the previous night.

A friend of mine sauntered up Columbia this May in +20*C sunny skies and the party took naked summit shots. Go figure.

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