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Mount Tyrwhitt with 6 year old on the summit # 2535

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2002 August
Vantage Point: Summit of Mount Tyrwhitt

Caption: The summit of Mount Tyrwhitt presents some great views of the peaks in and around the Upper Kananaskis Lake. In the photo, on the left is Mount Sarrail (10414'), moving right, half way down the ridge is Mount King George (11228') part of the Royal Group, over the helmet is Mount Lyautey (10112'), the peak towering over Mount Indefatigable (8760', to the right of the upper lake) is Mount Sir Douglas (11175'). Also, in the middle in the helmet is a happy 6-year-old mountaineer!

PhotoDescr: The trip originally started out to be an attempt to scramble Mount Rae. My six-year-old son, spouse and I arrived at the Highwood Pass parking area only to find the Ptarmigan Cirque trail (access to Mount Rae scramble) closed due to bear activity. Not to be disappointed, we decided to give Tyrwhitt a try. The overall elevation gain is around 650 m, so I thought the big guy could handle it. The trail to the Pocaterra Cirque is very good, with a few wet spots. Very lush vegetation and many distractions for a youngster. We made pretty good time and were at the Grizzly Col in about 2 hours. It presented some great views of the valley to the south, even saw a small herd of sheep. Prior to the push from the col I put a harness and helmet on my son and tied him into me with a long sling, which worked quite well, as the rock was loose and in some places loose rock on slab. Not the best scramble for a six-year-old but he wanted to see the window and sign the register!

If you have every seen Tyrwhitt, one interesting aspect of the mountain is the window or arch which is visible from the highway, about of the way up the ridge. It's a neat sight and makes for some good photos. My wife decided she had enough of the loose rock and chose to wait at the window as the big boy and I continued to the summit. From the col it took about 1 1/4 hours to reach the summit. As noted above, the views were awesome and my six-year-old scrambler was very happy! One of my motivators to keep my son moving was that he would be able to sign the register, and probably be the youngest entry. He talked about it all the way up. When we got to the top, we couldn't find the register. Bummer, was he torqued! So I promised my son I would post this summit photo and his story on Bivouac.

We were back to the parking lot in under 3 hours, and he was asleep shortly thereafter; it was a very enjoyable scramble.

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