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Mount Collembola from Mount Allan Summit # 2350

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Date: 2002.08.05
Vantage Point: From summit of Mount Allan

Caption: Sunlight dapples the hidden valley between Mount Collembola and the north ridge of Mount Allan.

PhotoDescr: On the third day of a series of dayhikes, I reached the summit of Mount Allan with two other members of the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club, following the highest maintained trail in Canada. See Centennial Ridge from Mount Allan Summit. A scrambling route leads from here along the intervening ridge to Collembola's summit, along its north ridge (to the left of the summit) and down to the valley to rejoin the Centennial Ridge trail.

Collembola (pronounced call-EM-bow-la) is named after a type of insect. Collembola are primitive wingless insects in the subclass Apterygota, often called springtails, and represented in the Rockies by the snowflea.

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