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Black Tusk from Empetrum Ridge # 2124

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Date: 1994.10.04
Vantage Point: From the south end of Empetrum Ridge

Caption: If you ever needed a reason to visit the inconspicuous Empetrum Ridge - here it is! The two prominent parts of the Tusk are exactly aligned, creating an incredibly dramatic appearance of the mountain from this angle.

PhotoDescr: During a 3-day Labour Day camping trip to Garibaldi Park, I had the pleasure of hiking Black Tusk twice, with completely different weather on two consecutive days. The first time (also first in my life) was a solo ascent in rain and fog, in a mysterious, almost unearthly atmosphere. The second time was in sunny weather, with hordes of people on trail and on the summit. Denis, Robin, and I took a variation on descent and went down the snow field on Tusk's NE side, across the slushy mud of moraines to Empetrum Ridge, as this unforgettable view of the Tusk unfolded.

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