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Unnecessary Mtn. from Mt. Gardner # 2117

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Date: 2002.04.28
Vantage Point: From Mt. Gardner

Caption: The West Lion and the three peaks of Unnecessary Mtn. from Mt. Gardner (Bowen Island)

PhotoDescr: A crowded ferry ride on a hot sunny day took us to Bowen Island. We were a large group of people, many more than I could ever count. Halfway up the Gardner trail, unresolvable differences in the understanding of issues such as hiking discipline, mountain accidents, wilderness survival strategies, and getting stranded on an island, caused a split up of our group into two factions. After reaching the summit separately, each faction claimed a different helipad, one giving a view to the west and the other to the east. Of course, members of either faction were absolutely sure that their vantage point was best and could not care less (except me) about the view to the other side.

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