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McGuire - East Side From Borden Creek # 2040

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Date: September 2001
Vantage Point: From road end in Borden Creek

Caption: The summit of McGuire from Borden creek at the end of the driveable road.

PhotoDescr: Mcguire is typically climbed from Borden Creek FSR and is an easy and popular hike with a bit of scrambling near the summit. An added attraction are the presence of caves and sinkholes - the upper part of the mountain and Borden Creek drainage are in a massive body of limestone. A river near the parking area shown here abruptly vanishes into a sinkhole a short distance below the road. Near the summit, some tight shafts sink downwards into the mountain, and one can drop a pebble in and hear it fall for a long way.

The trail to the summit leaves the highest switchback of the deactivated road system (~15 minutes hike up the road from 4wd parking area or 40 minutes from 2wd parking area) then follows a wooded ridge up the edge of the steep south face to the summit. The route is basically up the green ridge on the center of the mountain as seen in the picture. The summit ridge is a bit narrow and exposed near the top but is neither steep nor difficult.

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