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Black Tusk Reflections # 2009

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: September 1998
Vantage Point: From Mt. Price

Caption: The Black Tusk reflecting itself in the still waters of Garibaldi Lake.

PhotoDescr: To the Squamish Nation the Black Tusk was the home of the legendary Thunderbird. This creature, an enormous eagle-like bird, fed on whales, and the sound of its wingbeats was thunder. Lightning flew when its beak clashed and it was supposed that this had scorched and burnt the Tusk to its black color.

Nowadays the Thunderbird seems to stay mostly out of sight. The Tusk still stands and is a popular ascent in the summer months. The hiking trail can beseen as a light-colored line in the screeslopes below the right side of the Tusk in the photo.

With hardly a breath of wind the surface of Garibaldi Lake produced this sharp reflection of the Tusk.

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