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Wonder Mountain from the East # 2004

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2002.06.23
Vantage Point: From Boulder Creek FSR

Caption: The large NE face of Wonder Mountain

PhotoDescr: Taken on a day trip into the Boulder Creek area. Very easy access to a wonderful area. Unfortunately the granite at the mouth of the creek does not reappear upstream and the peaks are quite loose. We had intended to have a look at this face but instead went for a scramble up ridges east of the road.

Cut block at bottom of image is typical of the large and frequent harvesting throughout the valley.

My edition of 92 J/8 (1988) shows two bold, 9000' contours on Wonder Mountain but this is obviously a typographical error as the one at the top of the NE face shows only two 100' contours between the 8500' countour and the supposed 9000' one as if there were a sheer tower. I've probably mangled what I was trying to say, so have a look at the sheet to see what I mean!

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