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Upper Kananaskis Lake, Mount Sarrail, and Mount Foch # 197

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Date: 2000.08.17
Vantage Point: Mount Indefatigable Viewpoint Trail

Caption: From the north side of Upper Kananaskis Lake, the view of Mount Sarrail (centre) and Mount Foch (left) was diffused by haze. On the right is the Hidden Lake-Aster Lake valley, which terminates at the continental divide with Warrior Mountain and the Mangin Glacier. The main ridgeline of [a href=PhotoPg.asp?PhotoId=1974 target=blank]Mount Indefatigable[/a] dips down to the lake on the right on the near side of the lake. Haze from distant forest fires softens the view.

PhotoDescr: I had planned to scramble Ha Ling Peak near Canmore, but a movie production company had taken over the trailhead parking lot. See photo Ha Ling Peak from North Canmore. So I drove south, looking for an alternative. I remembered that I had never followed through on an earlier plan to head up to the Mount Indefatigable Viewpoint, so that became Plan B. The haze was probably from the massive forest fires in northwestern Montana that summer.

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