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Mount Hillers north aspect - from Coyote Benches # 19182

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Date: 2020.05.27
Vantage Point: From the Coyote Benches Road, looking south

Caption: Mount Hillers massif, with the main summit hidden father along the ridge. Cass Creek Peak is the lower cone to the right.

PhotoDescr: Taken during a two week road trip to Utah from Washington state. In order to place ourselves for a hike of Mount Pennell the following morning, we drove up the rocky and bumpy Coyote Benches Road from Trachyte Rance in the early evening. Despite the slow going we had nice views of the northern slopes of Mount Hillers. The bumps visible here are northern subpeaks, within a few hundred vertical feet from the summit.

Straight Creek flows right to left hidden out of sight in the midground.

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