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Horse Mountain - west aspect # 19179

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Date: 2020.05.26
Vantage Point: From the Horse Mountain Jct, looking east

Caption: The summit of Horse Mountain is the top of the ridge directly above the road sign.

PhotoDescr: Taken during a two week road trip to Utah from Washington State. After a long drive up from North Cottonwood Creek and Salt Creek Mesa, we made it up to the flat mesa top of Elk Ridge, and the major road jct just west of Horse Mountain. While the peak does not visually impress, it is the highest point along North Elk Ridge and the western Abajo Mountains. This mountain range is a laccolith, an igneous intrusion that pushed the rocks above to a higher elevation. Hence the presence of Wingate Sandstone cliffs high above the canyon bottoms. The Ponderosa Pines and Gamble Oaks are typical of the mesa top environment.

It looks like the summit could be climbed easily here, through a weakness in the cliffs visible.

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