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Boundary Butte from the SW # 19178

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Date: 2020.05.26
Vantage Point: From the Beef Basin Road, looking NE

Caption: The steep cliffs on the north side of Boundary Butte. Cathedral Butte is visible immediately to the right and behind, with the south end of Bridger Jack Mesa to the right of that.

PhotoDescr: Taken during a two week trip to Utah from Washington State. At the top of some steep switchbacks on the Beef Basin Road, we stopped to look back at Boundary Butte. Like many of the pinnacles on the north end of Elk Ridge the upper cliffs are composed of Wingate Sandstone.

The Beef Basin Road can be seen snaking around the left side of the butte. The extensive exposed rock in the left background is the Cedar Mesa Sandstone of the Salt Creek drainage.

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