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Daybreak on Wedge # 190

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Date: 1996.08.01
Vantage Point: From snout of Wedgemount Glacier

Caption: Early morning sun shines on the north face of Wedge Mountain, highlighting the various aretes and snow faces. The classic north arete rises on the left, with the summit above. Another party, earlier risers, is dwarfed by the mountain, to the point of indistinguishibility.

PhotoDescr: A long awaited trip to Wedge and perfect lighting conditions combined to make this a great day, both for climbing and photography. We climbed and descended N ridge of Wedge as a party of 4, it was a pretty good day. The icefall down and right from the toe of the N ridge was the only technical difficulty, though the exposure on the upper ridge was there, the route had seen enough traffic that big bucket steps had formed.

(I have been playing with this picture with different graphics programs for a few months now. In this version you can finally see the party of climbers!) If (as I have heard from some people) you can't see the climbers, try a) increasing your screen resolution or b) follow the edge of the icefall below and right of N Arete to its right hand edge, you should see two black dots...

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