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Mount Swanzy - South East face from Juipter # 18964

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Date: 2020.03.18
Vantage Point: Looking at the South East face of Mount Swanzy from Castor on the Jupiter traverse. Bonney massif appears behind Swanzy.

Caption: Ryan Vatkin gaining the crest of Castor Mountain on the Jupiter Traverse. Swanzy looms behind with the rest of the Bonney Traverse in the distance.

PhotoDescr: This was our last day in the Pass before it was shut down due to COVID 19, and what a day it was. We completed the Jupiter Traverse under blue sky and enjoyed the 13km or so ski down from the summit of Leda to our vehicle. Highly recommended traverse and in the right conditions, far more simple than the double black rating in the guidebook suggests.

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