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Razorback summit from west ridge. Photo by Doug McKeever. # 18859

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Date: 1973.08.12
Vantage Point: From the 10,000' false summit 0.3 mi west of Razorback Mountain

Caption: Looking east at the final 400 vertical feet of Razorback from the 10,000' false summit on the west ridge, 0.3 mile from the summit. Rock is very rotten shale and downsloping. Photo by Doug McKeever, July 1973

PhotoDescr: At the high point of our climb along Razorback's west ridge, we enjoyed the view and made sketches of enticing peaks for future reference. Here Tucker is displaying a sketch of the imposing Mount Queen Bess, around 23 miles to the south, while K. McBride searches for other enticing future targets.

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