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Lepton Mountain from Slim-Nichols Pass # 18804

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Date: 2019.08.09
Vantage Point: From near basecamp at Slim-Nichols Pass, looking NW

Caption: Morning light on Lepton Mountain. The dark slope in the foreground leads to Mount Steve.

PhotoDescr: Taken on the final morning of a 6 day trip to the Slim Creek Headwaters area. Being the final day of our trip, I pulled myself out of bed a little earlier in order to get some good morning photos. An easy route up Lepton appears to be up the shadowed slope right of the glacier, and then up talus in the sun to the summit.

The waters in the tarn are slightly disturbed thanks to a singular loon, one of the few examples of wildlife we saw during the trip (aside from various marmots).

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