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Monmouth Mountain telephoto from Stanza Peak # 18801

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Date: 2019.08.08
Vantage Point: From the summit of Stanza Peak, looking west

Caption: Various high peaks of the Tchaikazan, including Monmouth Mountain.

PhotoDescr: Taken on the fifth day of a 6 day trip to the Slim Creek Headwaters area. Monmouth was visible during much of the time we were up there, a sentinel across the Lillooet Icefield. From this particular viewpoint much of the upper mountain is obscured by Fluted Mountain, immediately in front of it.

The ridgeline visible is part of the SE Ridge, reportedly the easiest route to the summit.

From this direction the similarity in appearance of Fluted and False Fluted gives credence to that nomenclature.

The glaciated ridgeline in the left background leads to Transition Peak, and separates the Edmond Creek drainage and Glacier (not visible) from the Lord River drainage (the glacier on this side being unnamed). The glacier in the bottom foreground is the broad one on the south side of Mount Loes.

Over the duration of our trip Monmouth was the highest Coast Range peak we could see.

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