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Athelstan from the south # 188

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2000.07.15
Vantage Point: From base of north face of Plinth Peak

Caption: The south side of Athelstan as seen from the north face of Plinth Peak, across the Lillooet valley. The Salal Creek Walls are on the left side of the photo, rising above Salal Creek. The SE flank rising out of Boulder/Pebble Creek is on the very right (mostly out of photo). The summit is the high point in the center-right and the Lillooet mainline is visible in the cutblocks at lower center-left. Some landslides on the edge of the Keyhole Canyon show up at the bottom of the photo.

PhotoDescr: Sitting in my bivi sack, waiting with some trepidation for night to fall to begin climbing the north face of Plinth, I distracted myself by shooting a photo of Athelstan shining in the sunset light. I have climbed the Salal Walls by 3 different routes but have not as yet continued on to the summit of Athelstan, and took this photo hoping to use it as a guide to future adventures.

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